Goa Tourism Department supports it as a Cultural Destination

In order to increase the tourism in Goa, the state tourism department and govt. of Goa is now focusing to put forward the state as a leading cultural destination. They would also promote Goa with its USP of being one of the most sought after leisure hubs of India. To fulfill this goal, the state tourism department had hosted a cultural program in Mumbai at the Orchid Hotel. The program was organized to showcase the music and dance forms of Goa.

colors of Goa

Further, the Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) also used this cultural program as a platform for promoting the state as a cultural destination in India. Basically, this cultural event was an extension of their promotional participation at Mumbai’s India International Travel Mart (IITM). Cultural dance forms including ‘fugdi’, ‘dekhni’ and ‘corridinho’ were portrayed at the cultural event.

Welcome to Goa

On this occasion, the tourist officer of Goa, Fernanda Vales stated, “Goa is an all-round and all-season destination. While it will always be a paradise for beach lovers and adventure enthusiasts, the cultural aspects of Goa bear great potential to be converted into tourist attractions. The music and dance forms of Goa are very culturally vibrant. Since Goa receives a lot of inbound tourist footfall, this is a great way to educate international tourists about the culture of Goa and by extension, the culture of India.”

colorful Goa carnival

The ministry of tourism in Goa is using the festive season as the appropriate means to put forward the state as a cultural destination. It also focused on the promotion of famous St Francis Xavier Feast, the Sao Jao Festival in addition to the Shigmotsav and the Bonderam festival at the cultural event.

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